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Membership counts an important metric

Procession of church members in DR Congo

Church membership data plays a critical role in denominational decision-making. Heather Hahn explains how church leaders gather the information and the role it plays.

Wespath announces court ruling

Two-story house with five dollar bills background

On March 18, 2019 Wespath announced that the Appeals Court rules clergy housing allowances do not violate the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.

What UMC budget cuts mean for ministry

Offering plate

UMC general agencies are looking at what a planned budget cut of more than 20% will mean for their work, their staff and the people they serve.

Report looks at the UMC today

Two little girls in church in DR Congo.

During this season of change, this 2018 State of the Church report shows that “the mission is yet alive.”

Finance board holds on budget cuts

Kennetha Bigham-Tsai discusses budget

Despite a request to reconsider, the board of The United Methodist Church’s finance agency is moving ahead with planned cuts to the denominational budget. 

GCFA approves change in apportionment formula

Church offering plate

The board of The United Methodist Church’s finance agency approved changes to apportionments that would cut more than $105 million from the 2021-2024 general church budget. 

GCFA has new website

“UMC Support” is the theme of the new GCFA website providing solutions that sustain ministries.

Clergy housing ruling

A word from the Michigan Area Treasurer’s Office on the clergy housing allowance/exclusion ruling.

Task force looks at UMC reserves

A new Reserves Task Force considers how much United Methodist agencies should save for a rainy day.  

Before you lease your steeple …

Thinking of leasing to a wireless company? GCFA recommends consulting with Steeplecom.

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