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The first ten minutes

“Often the barrier to Christ isn’t spiritual—it’s us,” says pastor Carey Nieuwhof.

Believer in ‘three-ness’ … meet St. Patrick

Saturday, March 17 is Saint Patrick’s Day. Learn more about the legendary Irish priest.

British Methodists open doors

The “Fresh Expressions” movement is keeping British Methodism relevant in Wesley’s homeland.

They are modern-day circuit riders

Their ministries look different from their sawdust-trail forebears but they have answered the call to full-time evangelism.

Circuit riders on wheels

Wayne Bank, Detroit Conference layman, joins Bishop Laurie Haller pedaling across Iowa.

Your website’s secret sauce

Will Rice suggests featuring stories of transformation on your church website.

Preacher in the kitchen

Rev. Liliana Padilla draws new people to historic Hispanic church for free breakfast and Bible study.

Dollars for marketing

Marketing is intensely theological. We even have a name for it … evangelism.

Cuban Methodists pack pews

Decades after Castro’s revolution, the church combines Wesleyan and Pentecostal elements to form its identity.

Reaching people at Christmas

Christmas presents a unique opportunity to welcome the unchurched. Here are ten ways to engage neighbors.