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The first ten minutes

“Often the barrier to Christ isn’t spiritual—it’s us,” says pastor Carey Nieuwhof.

April 1 is Easter Sunday. New people will be walking through your door. Carey Nieuwhof, Senior Pastor of Connexus Community Church in Ontario, says: “According to people who study these things, first-time guests to your church make up their minds whether they’re coming back or not in the first ten minutes of their visit.”

He provides a link to a podcast, Secrets of a Secret Church Shopper, and lists seven ways guests are lost:

  1. Have a bad online presence.
  2. Make parking frustrating.
  3. Under-greet guests.
  4. Over-greet guests.
  5. Make kids’ check-in complicated.
  6. Keep facility tired and dirty.
  7. Confuse them.

Read all the detail here.

Last Updated on March 26, 2018

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