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Kindness is the new evangelism

Girl with plate of cookies.

imple acts of kindness can counter the cultural narrative of meanness and be a powerful way for the church to connect with others.

Church consultant, Andrew Ponder Williams spoke about kindness in a blog featured in a recent edition of Leading Ideas by Lewis Center for Church Leadership. 

Williams said, “So much of the narrative in our culture today can be summarized as just plain mean. From the way customers behave at the corner restaurant to the dialogue of lawmakers on Capitol Hill, there is no shortage of people being nasty.

“As Christians at our best, we spend our energy decrying the cruelty of all those around us. At our worst, we fall victim to the same cruelty within the walls of our congregations. What if, instead, our response to society’s fixation on bad behavior was to model a different way?”

The sweetest part? There are cookies!