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If you have difficulty finding a local church conference form or need additional instructions to complete a form, please contact your district office. 

Things to know when filling out forms:

1. The forms listed are required and are grouped by responsible entity with filing instructions on each form.

2. Forms are offered in both fill-able MS Word and PDF formats when available.

3. IMPORTANT: If you use the PDF version, please download and save to your computer first, THEN re-open the file from your computer to complete and save your changes.

4. If translation of forms is needed, please contact your District Superintendent.

5. If you encounter form issues or have suggestions, please contact [email protected].

2023 Local Church/Charge Conference Forms

(Please submit ALL completed forms electronically)

Clergy FormsDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
Elder/Local Pastor/DSA Self-EvaluationdocxPDF
Deacon Self-EvaluationdocxPDF
Annual Report of the Deacon Appointed Beyond the Local Churchdocx
Appointment to an Extension Ministry ReportPDF
Housing Allowance FormdocxPDF
Furnishings Allowance FormdocxPDF
Accountable Reimbursement Policy FormPDF
Business of the Church ConferencedocxPDF
UMPIP Contribution FormPDFWespath PIP at a Glance
CRSP/CPP Enrollment FormPDFCRSP at a Glance

CPP at a Glance
SPRC FormsDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
SPRC Assessment of Elder/Local Pastor/DSAdocxPDFInstructions for SPRC Assessment of Elder/Local Pastor/DSA
SPRC First Year Review of Pastor in New AppointmentdocxPDF
SPRC Assessment of DeacondocxPDFInstructions for SPRC Assessment of Deacon
SPRC & Pastor Joint DialoguedocxPDF
2024 Clergy Compensation Recommendation ReportxlsxInstrucations for Clergy Compensation Report
2024 DSA Compensation Recommendation ReportxlsxInstructions for DSA Compensation Report
2024 Health Insurance ChartPDF
2024 Minimum Salary SchedulePDF
Accountable Reimbursement Policy FormPDF
Church Council FormsDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
Profile of the ChurchdocxPDF
Business of the Church ConferencedocxPDF
Agenda for Church ConferencePDF
Finance FormsDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
GCFA Report of the Finance CommitteedocxPDF
Trustees FormsDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
GCFA Annual Report of the TrusteesdocxPDF
GCFA Annual Accessibility Audit FormdocxPDF
GCFA Insurance WorksheetPDFMinimum Insurance Requirements
Parsonage Information Sheet (due every 5 years)PDF
Parsonage Inspection FormPDFParsonage Policy
Membership Secretary FormsDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
Membership ReportdocxPDF
Members Attending College & UniversitiesONLINE FORM
Recording SecretaryDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
Nominations and Leadership Development FormsDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
2024 Nominations Form for Simplified Accountability Systemdocx
2024 Native American Comprehensive Plan RepresentativePDF
Men's Ministry FormsDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
Report on Men's MinistryPDF
Women's Ministry FormsDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
Report on Women's MinistryPDF
Certified Lay Ministry ReportsDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
Certified Lay Servant Annual ReportPDF
Certified Lay Speaker Annual ReportPDF
Certified Lay Minister Annual ReportPDF
Other Forms and ResourcesDocPDFInstructions/Guidelines
GCFA Fund Balance ReportdocxPDFAudit Guide

Equitable Compensation ApplicationDue October 25
EngageMI Reporting FormDue January 10
Local Church Report to the Annual Conference
(Statistical Tables 1, 2 and 3)
Due January 31
Brick River Church DashboardUpdate as church leadership changes
GCFA Forms and Resources Library

Last Updated on October 26, 2023

The Michigan Conference