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REACH Network Groups boost ministry

REACH Network group

If you are feeling overwhelmed or isolated, REACH Network groups can make your job easier and less stressful.

Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world is challenging work. But remember: You are not alone!

REACH Network Groups are designed to equip you for effective outreach. They begin in January 2020 and provide a year-long opportunity to learn and build relationships with other pastors and church leaders just like you.

Network groups are a place to talk about experiences, challenges, and solutions. There are many opportunities to both share and learn practical information.

Rev. Christy M. White says, “The group is a great place to get ideas, share ideas, and talk through risk-taking strategies before making any big changes.” Her participation has enhanced her ministry at Court Street UMC in Flint.

REACH Network Groups are not one-size-fits-all. There’s a Network Group designed to address your specific needs in your efforts to reach more people for Jesus:

  • Tackle common issues for Large (and Medium) Churches, with Brad Kalajainen
  • Resources and tools to help Young Clergy thrive, with Jon Reynolds and Erin Fitzgerald
  • Craft more meaningful programming for Children, with Kathy Pittenger
  • Create new, improved and growing Youth programs
  • Tackle racism and build Anti-racist churches, with Janice McWhertor, Linda Gardner, Diane Gardin and Laura Pritchard of CORR
  • Help people Worship in more creative, engaging ways, with Tom Arthur and Jeremy Kratky
  • Explore a new worship service or site to Multiply, with Gary Step and Cathy Townley
  • Make your church Systems healthy and productive, with Tom Arthur
  • Focus on your Leadership for growth, with Dirk Elliott

These groups are led by effective and experienced leaders, who know how to engage group members, generate ideas, and inspire innovative action. Rev. Matt Kreh, Gunnisonville and Bath UMCs, is enthusiastic about his experience with his team. “We attended the REACH Systems for three years in a row. That was the best training I have seen in the United Methodist Church, bar none.”

Start by asking yourself, “Where is God nudging me to move beyond the status quo?” The Network Groups are open to those who participated in the 2019 REACH Summit and those who did not.

Most groups begin mid-January. Now is the time to make a commitment. It’s so worth it.

For registration and full details, go to the Network Group website.

Last Updated on October 27, 2023

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