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Podcasts feature Bishop David Bard

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A series of podcasts by United Methodist bishops, who support the One Church Plan, may be found on the One Church Plan website. Listen to Bishop David Bard and others.

“One of the best ways the church could be counter-cultural right now is to show the world how you can have disagreement without divisiveness. How you can have conversations about really difficult issues while respecting each other, being calm in the midst of anxiety rather than letting fear and anger get the best of us. I would like to see the church be that kind of counter-cultural witness.”

Those are the words of Bishop David Bard, Michigan Conference. It is an excerpt from a 20-minute conversation available as a podcast from The One Church Plan.

Listen to Bishop Bard on episode nine of the One Church Plan Podcasts on iTunes (http://goo.gl/WEV9uL) or go to https://onechurchplan.org/podcast