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Insurance Enrollment starts Nov. 1

insurance enrollment begins

The Michigan Conference Health Insurance open enrollment for Active Group health insurance subscribers runs November 1-15, 2019. Here’s what to do and how to do it.

The Rev. Don Emmert, Michigan Conference Director of Benefits and Human Resources, announces that open enrollment for Active Group Health Insurance Subscribers will begin November 1 and close November 15, 2019. 

All Active Members are also being asked to complete a Needs Survey. This information will be used to better tailor programs to fit your specific needs. To complete the Needs Survey, click here. This is due anytime between Nov. 1-15, as well. Thank you, in advance, for taking time to complete this Needs Survey that will benefit both you and the conference leaders caring for you.

Please note that Retired Health Insurance Subscribers will not need to access the online enrollment unless they want to change their coverage or personal information. A 2020 Benefits Health Care Guide will be mailed to retirees in November.

Click here for the Active Plan 2020 Benefits Enrollment Guide. The guide includes instructions for completing the open enrollment process for this year. Open enrollment will be conducted online at www.infinityhr.com. There are two sets of instructions for making your elections:

Want more information?

The Health and Benefits staff will be conducting two Zoom Video Conference meetings to discuss the benefits for the upcoming plan year along with your action steps.  You can join the Zoom meeting from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android devices.

Click here for additional information about Zoom conferencing and how to join these video sessions if there are issues with audio. 

Please contact Conference IT Specialist Rev. Michael Mayo-Moyle at [email protected], if you need further assistance.

The Michigan Conference