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Please stop fund-raising for Hot Lunch

Women and infant in Haiti

The Michigan Conference Haiti Covenant Partners and the Treasurer’s Office asks that church’s discontinue gifts to the Haiti Hot Lunch as the program no longer functions in Haiti.

The Conference Board of Global Ministries and Haiti Covenant Partners announced in February 2019 that the Haiti Hot Lunch Program (Advance # 418790) is no longer an Advance project of the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM).

This comes as difficult news to Michigan United Methodists, after many years of faithful and generous giving by the Detroit and West Michigan conferences to the Haiti Hot Lunch Program. However, the Michigan Conference’s EngageMI program will no longer receive funds for the Haiti Hot Lunch Program. 

Six months later the Conference Treasurer’s Office reports that they still are receiving gifts for Haiti Hot Lunch. When those gifts are received, churches are sent a form with their statement asking for the funds to be redirected and returned to Rich Pittenger in Accounts Receivable; .

If your congregation has supported the Haiti Hot Lunch Program, please consider supporting one of these EngageMI Advance Projects of GBGM that also benefit the children of Haiti:

Grace Children’s Hospital & Pediatric Clinic/International Child Care (Advance # 418520)

Haiti Artisans for Peace International/HAPI (Advance # 3020490)

Haiti Children Project (Advance# 3020507)

Haiti Undesignated (Advance #00483A)

Each of these projects are engaged in meaningful mission and ministry with the people of Haiti.

Mother and Child in Haiti
For Polene Germain, International Child Care’s community health program provides more than just life-saving care: it creates a sense of community that she can trust. International Child Care, which includes Grace Children’s Hospital, is an Advance Special of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries. Those concerned for the families of Haiti may choose to support this effort. ~ ICC photo

Why was the Haiti Hot Lunch Program discontinued? The General Board of Global Ministries responsible for ensuring accountability for the appropriate use of funds given through The Advance. A key part of this accountability is the submission of a simple annual report each Advance project. GBGM has not received an annual report from the Haiti Hot Lunch Program for multiple years. In addition, GBGM has received inquiries from donors expressing concerns about lack of communication and financial accountability relating to gifts to the Haiti Hot Lunch program.

Because of these concerns of both Board and donors, the Cabinet of GBGM closed the project.  

If you have questions, please contact the Rev. Paul Perez, Associate Director of Mission & Ministry for the Michigan Conference, or the Rev. Karl Zeigler, Chair of Haiti Covenant Partners.