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Hearts break again

A letter to the Michigan Area and the nation addressing the loss of  life suffered in Dallas, Louisiana and Minnesota.

Dear Friends:

Only yesterday, I wrote to you about the heartbreaking videos of the shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Last night, during a time intended to bring peaceful attention to those events, shots once again shattered the night, this time taking the lives of 5 police officers in Dallas, TX.

Again, our hearts break with the news of more violence.  We abhor violence of any kind and again pray that we can find a path of love.  As one Dallas resident said, “Let’s just stop the shooting!”  Another said, “Let’s live in love and put love in our hearts!”

Please join me today, Friday July 8, at 1:00PM EDT/12:00 CDT in prayer and unity with those who will be gathering in Dallas for an interfaith praCyer service.

Please pray  for all those who lost their lives in senseless acts of violence in Louisiana, Minnesota, Dallas and dozens of other cities across our nation.  Again I say, Lord have mercy!  


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Bishop Deborah Lieder Kiesey
Michigan Area
Lansing, MI

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Last Updated on December 15, 2023

The Michigan Conference