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Beginning this month, MIconnect will publish a bimonthly blog on the many benefits of coaching made available to all church leaders in the Michigan Conference.

Royal Oak: First UMC

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13, NRSVUE).

Welcome to the first post of The Coaches Corner, a bimonthly blog on the benefits of Michigan Conference Transition Coaching offered to all leaders anticipating or experiencing ministry transition that may be impacting how we embrace the life in front of us at this moment in time.

When I first began coaching, I was immediately drawn in by the person-first approach. Coaching has an exacting focus on true listening for what is said and not said and true relationship building between the one being coached and the coach that allows for growth and understanding. Michigan Conference coaching is about the client leading the way and the coach coming from a place of curiosity, no judgment, and not rushing the process. Knowing that the heart of what matters to the client is why we, as coaches, are in their life is truly amazing. It’s exciting to see clients become okay with taking time for themselves and focusing on what is truly important to them.

Michigan Conference coaching is an excellent place for those looking for a listening ear and a coach in its truest meaning. We know that any gifted person, be it in sports or the church, can benefit from a coach. Can we even imagine an athlete doing well without the support of a caring coach in their corner? This program does that as it aims to create a safe space that feels natural and not forced, that is filled with empathy and authenticity.

Through the creation of strong partnerships that are giving and caring, by embracing the art of small, manageable steps, and by realizing that sometimes a glass can be half-full, half-empty, or half-full and half-empty at the same time, Michigan Conference coaching will help us get to the place we want to be. Perhaps we’ll get there a bit quicker because we have a coach who believes in the greatness of being human and that we don’t know what we don’t know . . . yet.

This is going to be an excellent adventure! I hope you can join us.

Click the button to learn more and to request a ministry transition coach. The Michigan Conference offers 12 complimentary coaching sessions for congregational leaders, staff, and pastors moving toward new or different ministry roles. This gift is also available to conference or district staff or anyone affiliated with the connectional life of the conference.

Kimberlyn Palchak is a content creator, an addiction medicine specialist, and a licensed social worker who became a health coach after leaving the addiction field. She is now a Michigan Conference coach and has been coaching for almost 10 years.

Last Updated on May 23, 2024

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