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Fowler writes new book

“Tiny Homes in a Big City” is the new book by Rev. Faith Fowler, Director of Cass Community Ministries.

Many call them “Tiny Homes” but David Crumm, Editor of Read The Spirit, calls them “a Utopian community.”

Crumm says, “Faith used the basic idea of micro-homes to lay out a visionary, multi-year plan for creating an entire neighborhood in one of Detroit’s most blighted areas.”

And the Rev. Faith Fowler has written a book that tells the entire story, Tiny Homes in a Big City. Pre-orders are now being taken at the Cass Community Services website. 

The Tiny Homes project was recently featured in a PBS report by Jeffrey Brown.

Learn more at Read the Spirit.

Last Updated on September 11, 2017

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