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New aid for Flint

As state resources are discontinued in Flint, The United Methodist Church is acting to aid residents.

Flint was recently dealt another blow by the State of Michigan in an announcement on April 6th that the state distribution of free bottled water was ending. The action is based on the State’s evaluation that the tap water healthy to drink. Read the report in The Detroit Free Press.

Greg Timmons, Executive Director of Flint Restoration for The Michigan Conference of The United Methodist Church, anticipated the move by the State earlier this year. Read more here. Now Timmons and others are working diligently to restore the supply of water despite the absence of grants and resources by the State and others.

On April 15 Timmons reported on Facebook, “The past Help Center’s labor was grant funded; currently the labor must be provided by gracious volunteers from the community and caring organizations. The three locations for the Help Centers – Asbury United Methodist Church , Bethel United Methodist Church and Greater Holy Temple Church of God in Christ. Volunteers needed beginning this week.”

Follow Facebook page — Flint Water Crisis: United Methodist Response — for updates. A funding channel for Flint Relief is being established. Watch this article for an update. An interview with Greg Timmons with the current status of relief efforts is coming in the April 25th edition of MIconnect.

On a positive note, Brian Schultz has produced a an 18-minute video, “For Flint,” that is showcased by The Atlantic in a review, “A poisoned city’s spirit of resilience.”

Featured are three Flint residents, whose comments are sampled here …

  • Leon (resident for 37 years): “One day I turned on my faucet and it turned out yellow. And I’m like, ‘Water not supposed to be yellow.'” The film also reports Leon’s work with children and youth, “The individuals who will rebuild the city of Flint.”
  • Valorie (resident 64 years): “You would expect something like this in a third world country, not in the United States of America.”  A  former GM worker, Valorie is now a potter. “There’s so much positive going on.”
  • Ryan (resident 11 years): “Sometimes you blow through a case in a day. It’s a weird thing to try to ration your water.” Ryan is an artist who helps others be creative, as well. “It’s really important to get people to see the possibilities in everything.”
  • Dan (resident 5 years): “There are so many redeemable qualities around Flint. Some are hidden and some in plain sight.”

Be inspired by the voices and images of people, in the midst of crisis, who are facing the changes in their community with courageous spirit and positive action. 


Last Updated on January 31, 2024

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