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Creativity in faith formation

Use creativity for a fun Easter Egg event.

From Lent in a Box to how to reinvent your Easter Egg Hunt … these resources will send you on toward Holy Week with creativity. 


Michigan Conference Coordinator of Children’s Initiatives

Creativity in ministry is not a new idea, even so, many of us have had opportunities (whether we chose it or were forced into it) to be extra creative in the past year thanks to the pandemic. Creativity does not mean more or extra work (although it often does). It can mean taking what we already do and tweaking it so that it fits our current context. I have been amazed and overwhelmed with so many creative ways that leaders have found to continue ministry, especially around Advent and Christmas.

I hear the need for balance – some want to attend something in person, others want virtual or at-home options. Some parents are overwhelmed to the point of tears and can’t add one more thing. Others want to include faith formation in their daily or weekly rhythms. Here are a few creative ways that churches engaged with children and families for Advent and Christmas:

  • Advent in a Box – a box of items that families could use on their time. Each box contained 3-5 activities, some had a book, and other goodies that families could use.
  • Sending cards – children decorated cards that were mailed to homebound members of the congregation.
  • Online Christmas Eve Service – either pre-recorded or live services that were designed for children and families
  • Read A-louds – several Kids Min leaders have a zoom or private Facebook group where they read a story or two once a week.
  • And so much more!

So often in ministry, and perhaps in life in general, we finished a project and move on to the next without taking time to celebrate the wins and learn from the challenges or failures. Creative ministry ideas probably won’t work every time, but we won’t know unless we try. We also may not all have the capacity to try every idea, so sharing what worked and what didn’t as a way to learn from one another is a great blessing we can give to each other.

Moving forward, we are looking at Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and even into the summer. Even with the unknowns, we enter these seasons with a little more experience in our toolbox as we move forward. Many resources are available for churches who want to offer Ash Wednesday options, Lent in a Box, Holy Week in a Box, Easter, worship bags (for in-person or on-line), and more. Resources for summer, including VBS possibilities, will be available soon. These are great both for churches with staff and small churches. They can be adapted or used just as they are or let your creativity loose. Work within your capacity (people, money, and family).

Open your Children’s Ministry Toolbox here. Get ready for Lent and Holy Week with these Children’s Ministry resources.

Last Updated on October 31, 2023

The Michigan Conference