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Connecting with your whole self

COnnecting with nature

Yoga is only one way of connecting with self. Whitney Simpson suggests practices that “help you more fully discover the person God created.”


God created you.

Genesis teaches that God filled humans with life through breath, the gift of God’s Spirit.

Pause and take a deep breath as you soak in the reminder that the Spirit of God is as close as your breath. That may sound silly. And yet, that deep breath will invite your whole self into this invitation of embodiment and connection with your Creator. Because you are a whole person, created by God and filled with Gods Spirit.

Connecting with my body

Over 15 years ago, my body went through a health crisis (a stroke and brain surgery on my 31st birthday). At this time, I did not always feel like a whole person; I often felt disconnected and broken. While my body was in chronic pain, my spirit was also discouraged.

In that time of frustration, a physician prescribed yoga. I am unsure if it was the last resort on their part, but I was hurting and willing to try exercise and mindfulness. What did I have to lose? I did not know that yoga would be an invitation for embodiment and an opportunity for healing in my whole self—body and spirit.

Now, more than 15 years later, I not only practice living embodied, I am passionate about inviting others into caring for their bodies and spirits through embodied practices. If you are not interested in down dogs, I understand, but please know that yoga is not the only way to become more connected and present with yourself (although you may also be surprised).

Embodied living

Embodiment practices like yoga, contemplative prayer, breath-work, and mindful eating help us grow in self-knowledge. They allow us a chance to slow down and simply practice being in our bodies.

Practicing embodiment means using the body’s sensations to become more aware, remain present, feel whole, love ourselves better, and even get to know our Creator better. Embodiment practices can help you more fully discover the person God created and become more connected to the one who created you!

As Christians, this matters because the more connected we are to ourselves, the more we can express our God-given longings, needs, gifts, and desires. The body of Christ needs each of us to live into our best selves!

You are more than a body. You are a whole person, created by God and filled with God’s Spirit. How will you embrace your body and grow your connection with yourself, your Creator, and the body of Christ?


~ Deaconess Whitney R. Simpson is passionate about helping others reach their fullest human potential as they explore the gift of God’s peace. She is a trained spiritual director and E-RYT 200 yoga and meditation teacher. Whitney is the author of “Holy Listening With Breath, Body, and the Spirit.” You can practice yoga with her online or find her free guided prayer and meditation podcast at ExploringPeace.com. Connect with Whitney directly at WhitneyRSimpson.com

Last Updated on May 11, 2021

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