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In Christ’s service

The United Methodist Church offers many opportunities for short-term and long-term mission service.

“Quigg Chronicles” is the monthly newsletter of the North Central Jurisdiction’s Mission advocates, Steve and Gail Quigg.

In the July edition they make the distinction between Volunteers in Mission and Mission Volunteers.

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) … The title is descriptive – if you’re a United Methodist going on a short-term mission trip whenever, wherever, or however, you are a United Methodist Volunteer in Mission. Work might include construction or renewing of mission facilities, teaching, witnessing, meeting medical needs, conducting Bible studies, leading a VBS, or serving in disaster relief efforts. There are UMVIM coordinators in each annual conference and jurisdiction who can provide a wealth of information, training and support to meet your every volunteer-in-mission need. North Central Jurisdiction UMVIM Coordinator is Tammy Kuntz, [email protected]. Click for more.

  • Length/Location – A couple of days to a few weeks anywhere in the world.
  • Age – Varies depending on the assignment and location.
  • Training – Team leader training is highly recommended and is available in your jurisdiction several times a year.
  • Insurance – UMVIM can provide medical/accident insurance for your mission trip at a very reasonable cost. Don’t dare leave home without it!

Mission Volunteers …  aren’t the same thing as Volunteers in Mission. The Mission Volunteer program is for individual volunteers ready for a more structured, longer-term mission experience. For more information: contact Kathy Smith at [email protected] or [email protected].

  • Length/Location – Two months to two years anywhere in the world.
  • Age – 18+ with the maturity and experience needed for cross cultural work.
  • Training – 4-day training required, offered regionally several times a year.
  • Logistics – Supervision, support-raising, and logistics done in conjunction with the Global Ministries Mission Volunteer office in Atlanta.

There is another category of special volunteer service with training from the United Methodist Committee on Relief.

Disaster Response Volunteers  … travel to the site of a disaster to help organize and distribute aid. During the first few weeks or months after a disaster, only specially trained Early Response Teams can enter a disaster area, due to health concerns and infrastructure limitations. For logistical or cultural reasons, volunteering is not always appropriate. UMCOR provides training for Early Response Teams; however, they are coordinated by offices of UMVIM. Click for more. For more information about Early Response Team training, contact West Michigan Disaster Response Coordinator Dan O’Malley, email [email protected] or Detroit Conference Disaster Response Coordinator Robert Miller, email [email protected].


Last Updated on December 28, 2022

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