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World whisperers make a difference

John Lewis, World Whisperer

“My heroes have hearts that speak we rather than me,” reflects Cheryl Bistayi. The world is made a better place, she says, when people follow the example of John Lewis, Rosa Parks, and Jesus.

Laywoman, Michigan Conference

John Lewis just passed away and I am, once again, struck with his grace.

Any “heroes” I might have, seem to be folk like John Lewis. They are without capes or crowns or knives or swords or guns. They are quieter (as I wish I were). They are more aptly called strong than tough. They are gentle in spirit yet mighty in resolve. They are “world whisperers.”

I pray for one-tenth of that grace within.

Rosa Parks. Mahatma Gandhi. Mother Teresa. Jimmy Carter. Dalai Lama.


whisperer says We not Me
~ Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Hard to find the words to express my heart right now but this meme resonates with me as I think of those folk (as well of the everyday people whose names I will never know).

My heroes have hearts that speak “we” rather than “me.” I believe that heart speak is a harder road … but I also believe it is a better one. When one begins from “we,” choices change. Minds breathe. Hearts open. The world betters.

And, it cannot matter whether the person next to me does the same. If “me” believes “we” deserve better,  then I MUST stay the course.

So I shall try … with profound gratitude for those who have come before me and hope for those who come after me.

In the face of a world that shouts “ME!” here’s to the world whisperers … we, we, we.

This reflection reprinted from Facebook with permission from the author. Cheryl Bistayi. Cheryl is a retired social worker. She and her husband, Joe, live in Novi, Michigan.

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