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A lineman named Jesus

lineman working on power lines

The Rev. Glenn Wagner calls Jesus “a lineman,” and invites us to grasp the power of Christ’s sacrificial love and  revolutionary practice of forgiveness.

Betty J. Luce

Betty J. Luce We extend our condolences to the family and friends of Betty J. Luce who died on Friday, April 19, 2019 at the age of 89.  Betty is survived by her husband, Rev. Michael W. Luce, who retired after serving at Garfield and Poseyville United Methodist Churches.  She is also survived by her children, Terry Shooltz,… Continue Reading Betty J. Luce

A new year, a new stillness

Rocky and Pumpkin, two beloved members of the Heisler home.

United Methodists in the state have come through a year of change. Now January 1, 2019 is the official “first day” of the new Michigan Conference.

When things get ugly

Heart and cross

The Rev. Dr. Glenn Wagner describes how “ugly” happens between persons, parties, and nations. God’s response to ugliness is Jesus.

Addiction and God’s grace

Children are born, grow up and then have babies of their own — one grandmother reflects on her blessings.

Living together in the tension

Rev. Bill Haggard keeps the core mission of The United Methodist Church in focus.

Unexpected grace

This month’s Perspectives on Hope remind us that life has some surprises along the way.

There is a gardener

“Perhaps a bent-over church or a bent-over nation, unable to stand up straight, needs Jesus,” says Bishop Christian Alsted.

Amazing race to Portland

Benton Heisler likens the 2016 General Conference to a race guided by God’s amazing grace.

Jesus taught us a Third Way

Rev. Bill Haggard, Superintendent of the Grand Rapids District, reminds us there are more than two ways to go.

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