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AC 2021 legislation due February 15

2020 stage for AC legislation

Individuals, local churches, and conference agencies are reminded that resolutions to the 2021 Michigan Annual Conference are due on February 15. Here are some guidelines for legislation.

The 2021 Michigan Annual Conference will be held online June 2-6.  Proposed Annual Conference legislation — to change conference policy or structure, or help educate Michigan United Methodists about a social impact issue or government policy in our communities — must be submitted by February 15.

Clergy and professing members of a local church in the Michigan Conference, including local church committees and conference units, may submit resolutions.

Please be aware of the following rules:

  • The motion in the resolution should be a “call to action” for the annual conference and be stated as concisely as possible. This is the action you are requesting the conference approve.
  • You may include a rationale of supporting material and discussion, not to exceed 300 words. The rationale will be printed to clarify or support the motion, but will not be acted upon by the conference members.
  • Resolutions must be presented at the annual conference session by a member of the annual conference. The presenter does not need to be the author.

Questions about submitting legislation can be emailed to Diane Brown, conference legislation coordinator, or Todd Price, chair Rules Committee.

Click here for a guide to drafting helpful legislation.

Submit legislation by email to [email protected].

Last Updated on September 20, 2022

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