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108-year-old magazine says goodbye

The traditional print publication of New World Outlook will cease with the October 2018 edition.

General Secretary, Global Ministries

For 108 years, one of the communication channels that helped to sustain Methodist commitment to mission has been a series of magazines we know by its current title, New World Outlook. I want to pay tribute to the magazine, its editor, and its readers in these lines because this is the last regular issue of New World Outlook as a traditional print-format publication—the official mission magazine of The United Methodist Church.

The final issue—publishing in October—will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the first missionary society in the lineage of the General Board of Global Ministries. What comes next is a matter of serious, prayerful consideration by Global Ministries’ directors and staff. Be sure that the church will not be left without sources of easily available and inspiring mission information in this age of multiple media options.

And along with tribute to New World Outlook, I also want to reflect, at this point of major communication’s transition, on a corollary to this issue’s theme, “sustaining the church in mission.” By this I mean, the way in which mission sustains the church.


The Missionary Voice, October 1918 cover, Wesley House Clinic in Macon, Georgia; A woman at a weekly prayer meeting in Taichung, Taiwan, a photo by Japanese photographer Toge Fujihira for the January 1963 World Outlook; The Winter 2017 cover of New World Outlook, featuring a window from Grace UMC in Atlanta, photo by Kathleen Barry/UMNS.

Last Updated on November 1, 2023

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