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When autumn leaves start to fall

Small child in leaves

Michigan trees are ablaze with colored leaves. Soon those leaves will be on the ground. Here’s an idea that helps make clean-up holy.

Jenny Youngman is a singer-songwriter, stay-at-home mom, and pastor’s wife. She also creates experiences for youth in a series called, “Worship Feast.” 

Youngman offers an idea that turns yard-work into mission. It begins with naming someone in your neighborhood who will have difficulty raking and bagging and hauling those leaves away. It ends with thanking God for the beauty of the season and the strength to get things done.

Here’s how she describes the experience: “When the leaves fall from the trees during autumn, it’s a sign that the earth is making its move toward winter. But before the cold weather arrives, we can celebrate the harvest and all the bounty that God’s good earth provides. Part of the beauty of the season is the changing color of the leaves watching them drift from the trees to the ground. But, if you help with the leaf-raking at your house, you know that there is a lot of work involved in cleanup. So today we’re going to spend time outside enjoying the beauty of a fall day while visiting some elderly friends and raking their leaves and sweeping their sidewalks. As we work with our hands to help others in service, let’s be in an attitude of prayer for the persons and families we are serving.”

CLICK HERE for the full outline of this outdoor activity. It is meant for a group but can be done by one Lone Raker.

Last Updated on October 31, 2023

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