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More Michigan staff

Bishop David Bard announces additions to the team who will serve the congregations of The Michigan Conference.

On January 17, 2018 Bishop David Bard affirmed the selection of five Associate Directors and Coordinators, the Treasury and Benefits staff, Communication staff, and Episcopal Administrative staff for the new Michigan Conference.

These servant leaders join the list of Directors and District Superintendents announced in December.

“I give thanks for all these individuals who have offered themselves to serve the new Michigan Conference and I continue to pray daily for those who are preparing to put their names forward.” Bishop David said. “I give thanks for the wonderfully talented and dedicated people who serve our conference.”


 L-r: The Rev. Paul Perez, Associate Director of Mission & Ministry; Naomi Garcia and the Rev. Gary Step, Associate Directors of Congregational Vibrancy


L-r: Coordinator of Youth Ministry Initiatives, Bridget Nelson and Missionary for Hispanic/Latino Ministry, Sonya Luna

Executive Administrator, Becky Emmert; Accountant, Chad Lundy; Accounts Payables, Nancy Wyllys; Accounts Receivable, Rich Pittenger; Benefits Coordinator & Payroll, John Kosten; IT Specialist, Michael Mayo Moyle; EZRA Database Specialist/Benefits & Treasury Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Gertz; Nominations and Journal Clerical Assistant, Kathy Hippensteel

Executive Assistant to the Bishop, Deana Nelson; Executive Assistant to the Clergy Assistant to the Bishop, Jennifer Weaver; Area Finance Manager, Kristen Gillette

Senior Editor/Writer, Kay DeMoss; Executive Assistant to the Communications Director, Kristen Gillette; MIconnect Editor, Valerie Mossman-Celestin; Social Media Assistant, Paul Reissmann

More staff announcements are expected mid-February.