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Time to head to the shore

Bench on the Lake Huron shore

David Crumm remembers John’s story of Jesus on the shore of the Sea of Galilee as he interviews Missy Buchanan. Buchanan, like Jesus, values time on the beach. 

In 2007 David Crumm and John Hile founded the online magazine and network of writers known as Read the Spirit. The cover story for the August 19th edition features David Crumm’s interview with author Missy Buchanan.

Crumm begins: “The very last scene in the Gospels is Jesus sitting on a shoreline, cooking a breakfast of fish and bread for his followers—inviting them to come and sit a while with him over breakfast. The very first scene in Ann Morrow Lindbergh’s classic memoir, Gift from the Sea, is an invitation to lay down one’s burdens, settle into the shoreline and wait—patiently—for waves of spiritual revelation. … For thousands of years, shorelines have fueled the human imagination—which is why best-selling inspirational writer Missy Buchanan is beckoning readers to come to the beach with her for 20 guided reflections. She calls her new, interactive book, Beach Calling—A Devotional Journal for the Middle Years and Beyond.

“When Missy’s mother died in 2008,” Crumm adds, “the one place Missy found solace was—the shore.”

During the course of the interview, Buchanan tells Crumm: “In my earlier books, I wrote about the many ways people wrestle with these questions as they age. Baby Boomers, the readers I’m addressing in this new book, have all these same questions—but they just don’t feel they have any time to stop and think about them. I am inviting Boomers to pause and to start thinking—now—about their own spiritual perspectives on what it means to age. But I hear from so many Baby Boomers who are frustrated and overwhelmed by simply working through the essentials for their own parents. … And I get that. I understand how overwhelming all of this is for families. What I’m trying to do in Beach Calling is to remind Baby Boomers—and I’m one of them, so I’m reminding myself—that we have to take time out to reflect on all of these deeper questions ourselves.”

READ MORE and get ready to visit the Michigan shore nearest you!

And consider joining the network of those who connect with important voices in religion, spirituality, interfaith and cross-cultural issues through Read the Spirit.  

Last Updated on October 31, 2023

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