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Her passion is Christian education

Christian education happens at home.

When it comes to Christian education, relationships are more important than the curriculum’s content, says Kathy Pittenger, Coordinator of Children’s Initiatives for The Michigan Conference.

A Christmas gift from Dad

Delivering poinsettias with Dad

The Rev. John Kasper shares what he learned about our relationship with God when delivering Christmas poinsettias with his dad.

Overwhelmed, anxious, but hopeful

Hopeful child learning online

“There is nothing easy about this time,” says the Rev. Kathy Pittenger. Still, she remains hopeful as she offers families and leaders ideas and resources to take into the new… Continue Reading Overwhelmed, anxious, but hopeful

Caring for covenants

Bishop David Bard reflects upon covenants in the context of the easy-living of summer.

More than changing minds

Making a stand. Creating space. Those are just two reasons for engaging in argument.

Making communications sticky

Here are some tips on how to communicate in ways that keep people listening.

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