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Respond to Hurricanes Fiona, Ian

Cleaning kit components spread out on the floor

In response to disasters in the wake of Hurricanes Fiona and Ian, Michigan United Methodists are called to pray, donate cleaning kits (extended to Oct. 24), and give financially to… Continue Reading Respond to Hurricanes Fiona, Ian

Puerto Rico recovers from quakes

Puerto Ricans recovering from hurricane and earthquake

Puerto Rico has trembled in a series of earthquakes over the holidays. Gifts to Advance #901670 will support relief efforts by UMCOR and REHACE.

Storms come and go, while UMCOR stays

Puerto Rican homeowner finds help in storms of life.

First in. Last out. As UMCOR and UMVIM begin response to Dorian, they continue to bring help and hope to those recovering from storms named Maria, Irma, Harvey, and Michael.

Michigan VIM team to aid Puerto Rico

UMCOR officials with Methodist Bishop of Puerto Rico visiting Hurricane Maria damage

Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico over one year ago. Now United Methodists from Michigan are among those helping in recovery efforts.

A year with UMCOR in Puerto Rico

Volunteer in Mission working in Puerto Rico

In the year since Hurricane Maria struck, UMCOR has contributed more than $20 million of relief aid to Puerto Rico.

Mano a Mano assists Puerto Ricans

Mano a Mano assistance for Puerto Ricans

Part 1 in a series, UMCOR in Michigan, features assistance being given to Puerto Ricans who relocated in Michigan after devastating 2017 hurricanes. A $100,000 UMCOR grant makes it possible.

Mano a Mano aids Puerto Rico

Do you know Puerto Ricans who relocated to Michigan after Hurricane Maria? UMCOR wants to help.

Window on Puerto Rico recovery

Grand Rapids 1st work team in Puerto Rico doing windo repair

An Early Response Team from Grand Rapids 1st UMC is home after 10 days at work in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico bishop hopeful

Bishop Hector Ortiz is confident Puerto Rico’s future is bright as recovery from Hurricane Maria continues.

Loving Puerto Rico

An Early Response Team from Grand Rapids First UMC is at work in Puerto Rico.

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