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‘And so it begins’

This Perspective on Hope encourages clergy and churches to “seek other seas.”

Reflecting the Light

This “Perspectives on Hope,” encourages reflecting Christ’s justice and peace in the world.

A deeper thanks

This Perspective on Hope encourages those at the feast to give thanks for God’s earth. 

Disconnect to connect

The psalmist provides a way to disengage from frenzy in order to restore balance and centeredness.

Why water matters!

When a boy, Jerry DeVine learned to not take water for granted. As a man, he advocates for water justice.

Traveling on

While we might not go ‘to the ends of the earth” in body, we can go there in spirit through The Advance.

Unexpected grace

This month’s Perspectives on Hope remind us that life has some surprises along the way.

Emotions of transition

This “Perspective on Hope” offers insight into the process of “letting go.”

Take away some labels

This month’s Perspectives on Hope explores ways to build bridges in times of distrust and division.

Reframing Thanksgiving

This month’s Perspective on Hope invites readers to re-examine the romanticized history of Thanksgiving.

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