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Learning and then loving rightly

Open book with pages folded in shape of heart

Reflecting on Black History Month, Bishop David Bard encourages us to do our part in cultivating hearts and souls that love more deeply and intelligently.

District celebrates MLK’s life and legacy

Scholarship recipients

For 30 years, the Greater Detroit District has given awards and scholarships to United Methodists who embody King’s dream.

Human Relations Day builds beloved community

Memorial for Martin Luther King, Jr.

Giving on Human Relations Day, set for Sunday, January 14, helps build King’s vision of beloved community and supports churches like Grand Rapids: Vietnamese UMC.

‘We shall overcome someday’

People holding hands during a march

Have we made progress in realizing Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream? Cheryl Bistayi reflects on this question by telling the painful story of her granddaughter’s husband and the racism he… Continue Reading ‘We shall overcome someday’

Building Beloved Community

MLK Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The Rev. Paul Perez points to King’s sermon on having a tough mind and a tender heart as a timely message for those working to build Beloved Community.

What is your dream for God’s creation?

View of earth from space

Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr., we must cast a vision for a healthy, equitable, and inclusive future for God’s creation and then work to bring it about. Here are… Continue Reading What is your dream for God’s creation?

Hear King speak afresh

Attend an original stage adaptation of King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” features Lansing area talent hosted by Sycamore Creek Church.

A prophet for today

Bible, cross, and cup. Tools of a prophet.

Not every prophet lived in Bible Times. Prophetic voices have spoken throughout the ages right up to the present day. The Rev. Jack Harnish speaks of Methodist with a voice… Continue Reading A prophet for today

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