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Light and life for all

Light for a girl and for all

Remembering lyrics of Charles Wesley and Bruce Springsteen, Bishop David Bard, reflects on the nature of darkness and light. Looking ahead, he forecasts “The new year will not be dull.”

Michigan VIMs assist Puerto Rico

East Winds men with Puerto Rican leaders

  A 7-member team organized by The East Winds District left Michigan and served in Puerto Rico for a week in January. They now see the world with new eyes.

What would Jesus discard?

A conversation in the coffee shop prompts a woman to ask, “How often do we discard others?”

Order and chaos

Lessons learned at sea inform Rev. John Boley’s observations about the church and politics.

Ministering to would-be modern lepers

Pastor Jeremy Scott notes that healthcare is about politics but it’s mainly about real people.

When there’s nothing to say

“One-size-fits-all clothes, one-size-fits-all platitudes never fit,” says Rev. Jason Michele.

Works of mercy and piety

Followers of John Wesley pray first and then put those prayers into action.

Pillow artist spreads peace

SAM HODGES United Methodist News Service Kingston Haynes, seven, and his family have in the last few months made and distributed more than 250 pillows in a line they call “Kingston’s Kreatures.”

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