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From Vietnam to great church buildings

Chancel of Lansing Central United Methodist Church

In his September blog, the Rev. John Boley engages in a “dialogue between the past and the present” while addressing God’s people in an historic church.

Plugging into the ‘DNA of possibility’

An opportunity for transformation … the Michigan Office of Congregational Vibrancy hosts the REACH Summit November 2-3 in East Lansing. 

Turn your church inside-out

Ben Ingebretson believes that to connect with people, you need to meet them where they are.

Does your church have barking dogs?

Lee Kricher, pastor of Amplify Church in Pittsburgh, says every church has things that distract from their mission.

Conference by the numbers

Some statistics, percentages and dollar amounts that tell some of the story of the 2016 Michigan Annual Conference.

Gospel as second language

Urban church planter Trey Hall explores the need to translate the faith for those who don’t know the old, old words.