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Conference by the numbers

Some statistics, percentages and dollar amounts that tell some of the story of the 2016 Michigan Annual Conference.


The grand total for the offerings taken at the 2016 Annual Conference is $80,173.08, distributed as follows:

  • DAC Haiti Hot Lunch Covenant Offering $24,679.84
  • DAC Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Home Covenant Offering $22,027.44
  • DAC Flint Water Crisis Appeal $12,153.67
  • DAC Ministerial Education Fund $3,136.12
  • DAC Bishop Kiesey’s Appeal for Flint’s Children $2,648.95
  • DAC Grace Hospital in Liberia $1,700
  • WMC Changing Lives Campaign for Camp $4,902.64
  • WMC Michigan Area Haiti Task Force $3,896.94
  • WMC Flint Water Crisis $1,010
  • WMC Ministerial Education Fund $4,017.38


Newly appointed Area Statistician, Rev. Ron Iris, reported: “We are on an adventure to translate the Gospel in an era that is changing from folks who ‘gather to communicate and teach,’ toward folks who ‘communicate, gather and serve.’ We will catch the tiger by the tail when we move from how much and what we know (our I.Q.) toward how much we participate in practical Christianity (which is our I Do). I celebrate that our 2015 statistics show some of this movement.” Ron reported …

For the 421 active congregations of the Detroit Conference:

  • Membership stands at 81,036, down 2% from 2014
  • Worship attendance stands at 36,926 down 3% from 2014
  • Church School attendance stands at 9,546 down 10% from 2014
  • Professions/Reaffirmations of faith for 2015 was 1,094 up 18%
  • Adults and young adults in small groups was 19,476 up 5% from 2014
  • Worshippers engaged in mission was 20,063 up 4% from 2014

For the 392 active congregations of the West Michigan Conference:

  • Membership stands at 54,816 down 4% from 2014
  • Worship Attendance stands at 31,724 down 5% from 2014
  • Church School attendance stands at 7,745 down 2% from 2014
  • Professions/Reaffirmations of faith was 1,122 in 2015 up 9%
  • Adults and young adults in small groups in 2015 was 17,997 up 1%
  • Worshippers engaged in mission in 2015 was 12,609 up 12% from 2014


The Michigan Area received kudos from Stephen and Gail Quigg, General Board of Global Ministries Mission Advocates for the North Central Jurisdiction. “Congratulations to the Detroit Conference for giving well over $1 million to missions through The Advance in 2015. An even bigger shout-out goes to the West Michigan Conference, the conference with the highest percentage of churches giving to The Advance in the NCJ at 83% and the highest per capita giving in the NCJ at $19.20. Well done, New Michigan Conference, very well done indeed!