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Michigan teens attend Youth 2019

Youth and leaders in bus to Youth 2019

Youth 2019 is a national gathering of young people from across the U.S. Over 160 participants from Michigan join the 3,000 gathered in Kansas City, July 10-13.

Template for church Protection Policy

Children giving thumbs up

Does your local church have a policy in place for protection of children, youth and vulnerable adults in your congregation? This template will help.

Profile in leadership

Bishop Bard spends time with youth at Annual Conference

The Michigan Conference is served by three coordinators of age-level ministries. Meet Bridget Nelson, the leader of youth ministry initiatives .

Protection Policy Team updates

Protection for Children in a Sunday School Class.

Keeping everyone safe in our local churches is an important process. There are resources available that can help your congregation do this right.

She’s crossin’ the line

Bridget Nelson, Coordinator of Youth Ministry, shares plans and goals for months to come.

Michigan greets Bridget

Photo of Bridget Nelson standing at a microphone

Bridget Nelson will coordinate youth ministry across the Area starting July 1, 2017.

Kids claim their call

Young people explore discipleship and equip themselves for leadership at THRIVE.

The Michigan Conference