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Training and resource grants for laity

The Michigan Conference Board of Laity is offering grants of up to $500 for training and resources for laypersons. Apply by October 1, 2023.

Lay Buddies Team assists AC2022 laity

Buddies will help with questions of legislation

Four Lay Buddies from the Conference Board of Laity are ready to assist new and experienced lay members to AC 2022 both before and during the session that begins June… Continue Reading Lay Buddies Team assists AC2022 laity

The Great Commission means us!

Missional opportunities at AC 2022

Laura Witkowski asks, “It is possible that we have focused more on the making rather than the being” of discipleship? She invites all to a Zoom conversation on the Great… Continue Reading The Great Commission means us!

Board of Laity offers $300 grants

Grant for training

Cultivate and expand your skills and resource your ministry with a grant from the Michigan Conference Board of Laity. Apply before October 1, 2021.

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