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A verse from Northern Waters

Man searching pages of Bible

Rev. Anita Hahn, Superintendent of Northern Waters District, reflects on her life verse and the value of joy, patience and prayer. She encourages others to have a life verse, too.

God is in the room

Child's hands on a Bible

The Rev. Benton Heisler looks back on his childhood relationship with Aunt Peggy. She nurtured in him a love of scripture and a desire to share God’s grace with others.

What United Methodists really believe

Chart showing United Methodist theological beliefs

  A recent survey dug into theology-related views of United Methodist laypersons in the United States. Results were strikingly varied.

A new chapter for Eugene Peterson

Rev. Eugene Peterson

Eugene Peterson died October 22. He devoted his life to writing that helped millions encounter Scripture as the living word of God.

When things get ugly

Heart and cross

The Rev. Dr. Glenn Wagner describes how “ugly” happens between persons, parties, and nations. God’s response to ugliness is Jesus.

Love of country

An appropriate love of country is not questioned in scripture says pastor and author Tex Sample.

Wesley’s four sources

Scholar Philip Wingeier-Rayo analyzes Wesleyan heritage and cultural shifts.

Women’s edition of Bible sheds light

An 80-member team provided commentary on new edition that emphasizes women and social issues in Scripture.

Bibles lost and found

We all have found left-behind Bibles. But have we taken the time to return them to those named on their pages?

What counts as Wesleyan orthodoxy?

Christians long have debated the essentials of their faith, and that was no different in John Wesley’s day.

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