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Michigan receives Cleaning Kits

Just days before UMCOR Sunday (March 11), relief supplies are once again making a difference in Michigan.

Since waters began to rise around the state in late February, Dan O’Malley — one of the Michigan Conference Disaster Relief Coordinators – has been working with local churches, non-profit and government agencies to assess needs and plan resourcing. Dan has been present or in contact with MARCs (Multiple Agency Resource Centers) hosted in several communities, where persons came to register for assistance.

As of March 5 Dan reports: “Good news. With the exception of the St. Joseph River, all rivers have receded to at-or-below flood stage.”

To date United Methodist response has been in the form of Cleaning Kits. Cleaning buckets stored in Flint, unused after last summer’s flood damage in and around Midland and Mt. Pleasant, are now being made available. Some of that store went to Arenac.

On March 3 the Midwest Mission Distribution Center sent two skids of Cleaning Kits (80) to Corunna United Methodist Church for distribution to Shiawassee and Red Cedar-Lansing regions. Earle Knapp, Crossroads District Coordinator for Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Response, cared for the unloading in Corunna. MMDC also sent 2 skids to Cornerstone Church in Caledonia for distribution around western Michigan. 

Cleaning Kit contact for the east side of the state is Earle Knapp; Those interested in Cleaning Kits on the west side of the state should contact Dan O’Malley; 616-915-6301 or
O’Malley continues to monitor the situation. More information will be shared as it becomes available.
Flood Buckets … Cleaning Kits … by any name the supplies are a godsend. Hundreds of Cleaning Kits have been sent to Michigan in the past five years to help with mucking out after torrential rains in places like Lowell, Detroit, Midland and locations affected by this winter’s rising rivers. ~ photo courtesy Earle Knapp