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Let’s not wait another day

Task list

Too many ministry tasks await us, but Rev. Margie Crawford asks us to put distractions aside and focus on spreading good news.

Superintendent, East Winds District

While working on my doctorate, one of my minors was in neural science. I could enroll in coursework at the medical school associated with the neural science program. Students were encouraged to purchase the entire semester of lecture notes for all the courses, and I did so. Some notetakers included words of wisdom at the end of their notes to encourage classmates to navigate through the readings, lectures, and labs associated with the second year of medical school.

This is one of my favorites: “The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up.” These are wise words to help manage the stress of falling behind. Although I don’t intend to procrastinate, some tasks that I want to complete are delayed by unforeseen matters that take precedence. So, I put off calling my sister, son, or nieces, doing the laundry, or running the dishwasher for another day. My thought is . . . it can wait.

The result is that I’m behind. Not with everything. I have more crochet projects to complete than I care to admit. One is a blanket for my six-year-old niece that I started when she turned four. It was intended to be a Christmas present in 2021, and hopefully, it will make it under her tree this year. As I pack for my move to the East Winds District, I hope to be done before the movers arrive.

Even though I plan ahead, life has a way of intervening. I adapt and hope to be prepared to do the tasks I have set for myself and respond to unanticipated needs. I strive to accomplish everything that is before me, but sometimes that means some projects must wait.

COVID-19 caused us to place the missions and ministries our faith communities were engaged in on hold, and in some cases, we were forced to end them entirely. Because we were isolated from one another, many of the programs and events we planned had to wait for another day.

Now that the pandemic is behind us, we can begin or renew our missions and ministries for those within our faith communities, as well as those who are hungry and thirsty to know that our Lord still moves in and through us. In these few short years, our mission field has changed, and it continues to do so.

Let’s not wait another day to take on the work before us. Is it possible to set other tasks aside so we can focus on making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world? What questions must we ask ourselves to prepare for who we can help and how we will help them? What resources are available to us? How do we find those willing to help us in our work? What do we need to make this work our priority?

Our Lord continues to speak with us about what it means to be servants of our Creator. Each of us is called to spread the good news of our Lord and Savior, to be God’s instruments of help, healing, comfort, and strength for a world that needs the assurance of our Creator’s presence. Let’s not wait another day to answer God’s call upon our lives. May we be blessed as we seek to accomplish the tasks our Lord has set before us. Amen.

Last Updated on July 19, 2023

The Michigan Conference