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Grants & Christian Education Sunday


In 2021, there are two discipleship grant opportunities that churches or United Methodist related organizations may apply for. See below for more information about each type and how you can support on-going faith formation ministries through Christian Education Sunday and special giving.

2021 Discipleship Mini-Grants 

COVID-19 continues to present opportunities for new and different ways of ministry. The discipleship grant team is excited to offer small grants for churches and ministries affiliated with the Michigan Conference of The United Methodist Church. This grant is intended to provide funding for creative faith formation for all ages (children, youth, and adults). Churches/ministries who received a mini-grant in 2020 or 2021 are encouraged to seek other sources of funding before applying for a grant to allow churches/ministries who have not received a grant to do so, but are eligible to apply. Each church/ministry may receive one grant of up to $300. Grants may be used for supplies, postage to send faith formation materials home, digital curriculum, Summer/VBS programming, etc. that support or enhance creative faith formation. While we know that upgrading worship equipment is important for discipleship, these grants are not intended for upgrading technology or equipment. Grant applications will be reviewed twice a month. The discipleship grants are provided from the Christian Education Sunday asking from local churches in Michigan. Churches who receive a grant will be asked to share a short summary of how the grant money was used. Questions may be directed to Rev. Kathy Pittenger.

New & Emerging Ministry Grants

Emerging ministries are exciting! Often seed money is required to help a new or re-imagined ministry begin. Grant money is available for Michigan United Methodist churches and related organizations. Funding priorities are as follows:

Grants will be awarded to new, innovative projects that fulfill the Michigan Conference Purpose and Vision with the following characteristics:

  • Ministries relating to children (birth through 5th grade) and discipleship ministries (adult, older adult, intergenerational, family, etc.) Ministries related to youth and young adults should contact the Board of Young People’s Ministries.
  • New, emerging, and/or innovative project that makes “...disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”
  • Address pressing issues impacting the local church, local community, and/or the world.
  • Plan for evaluating outcomes and the process.
  • Demonstrated potential for sustainability (i.e. activities will continue beyond the grant).
  • And others as defined on the grant application

Grant applications are due on March 1, July 1, and November 1 and will be reviewed within 30 days of each deadline. 

Download the Children and Discipleship Grant as a form or as a pdf

For questions or more information contact Kathy Pittenger.

Christian Education Sunday

Supporting local churches in faith formation (Christian Education) is vital in making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. One way this happens is through empowering and equipping local churches and leaders. Your church can celebrate Christian Education Sunday (or another name of your choosing) to communicate how your church engages in faith formation and you have the opportunity to support faith formation around the conference through the Christian Education offering. Christian Education Sunday is August 22, 2021 (or another date that your church sets). Donations given for this special Sunday support grants for local churches, training for leaders, resources, and much more.


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