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Ganta welcomes nurses

Ganta Hospital is now the home of Liberia’s United Methodist University’s College of Health Sciences.

United Methodist News Service

United Methodist University in Liberia has opened its new nursing school campus.

The United Methodist Board of Global Ministries’ Global Health unit has provided more than $100,000 for the relocation of the university’s College of Health Sciences to Ganta. The nursing school is the first to open at the new campus, which eases the burden for nursing students and staff who had been sharing space at Ganta United Methodist Hospital.

The move paves the way for more College of Health Sciences departments to relocate from the Monrovia campus. Moving the College of Health Sciences to Ganta is something the administration has been planning for years. Advance project has been set up to help raise $2 million a year over the next four years for the relocation of the entire university.

The College of Health Sciences move will be gradual, with other departments set to begin transitioning to the new campus in March, United Methodist University administration confirmed.

Bishop Samuel J. Quire Jr. told students and staff gathered at the Feb. 10 consecration of the new nursing school that the church must take advantage of opportunities provided by overseas partners.

“If you don’t make use of these facilities, you will be stumbling blocks to the next generation of learners. The more we utilize these gifts in an accountable way, the better our chances in attracting more gifts from our brother and sisters in the connections,” he said.

The episcopal leader also challenged university officials to make sure that the quality of education matches the facilities and the modernized global system.

According to the dean of the College of Health Sciences, Clinton Zeantoe, students will now have the independent space needed to enhance their studies.

“We will now have adequate boarding quarters for the students and instructors, most of whom were shuttling between Ganta from (the main campus in) Monrovia.”

Zeantoe pointed out that the new facilities have adequate classrooms, a skills lab, two kitchens, a library with a computer lab, a generator house and laundry facility for the dormitories.

“We will use these facilities with utmost care and caution,” he said.

Albert B. Coleman, interim president of United Methodist University, thanked donors and promised that the facilities will be used for their intended purpose.

He said the new physical condition of the College of Health Sciences shows United Methodist University is making quality education its major priority.

“Though we are still faced with the challenges of furnishing these facilities, taking the first step means the UMU is ready to contribute to the nursing education campaign of the country,” Coleman said.

The new Winifred J. Harley College of Health Sciences is one of four colleges that United Methodist University operates around Liberia. The others are the College of Theology in Gbarnga City, the College of Agriculture in Gbason Town and the College of Business in Monrovia.

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

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