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Clergy invited to revitalize

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Need time, space, and guidance to attend more deeply to God’s call on your life? Consider this three-day online retreat for clergy facilitated by Sarah Hescheles and Rev. Nathan Kirkpatrick.

Director of Clergy Excellence

As a clergy person, it’s important to tend to your own spirit so that you lead from your best self in the midst of change and transition. The Office of Clergy Excellence is sponsoring a leadership development experience: a 3-day online retreat with 2 follow-up integrating leadership conversations, March 15-17, with follow up on April 12 and 19, 2021. 

The retreat and conversations are designed to give time, space, and guidance to attend more deeply to God’s call and the role as a leader in the midst of change.

This retreat is for clergy who are presently (or interested in) wrestling with questions like:

What do you hold onto and let go of in the midst of change?

How do you bring order and lead systematically through times of uncertainty and ambiguity?

How do you reflect, discern, and trust a way forward with so many possibilities for leading change?

Through the adventure of change, how do you remain realistic and challenge yourself and all people to move in a specific direction?

This retreat will benefit clergy who are leading in a system, imagining changing systems, anticipating a move, or leading core shifts within their congregation.
This leader development experience offers an opportunity to slow down, intentionally explore your leadership, and expand your awareness for what you need to cultivate as you love boldly, serve passionately, and lead with increasing courage as a clergy person in this season of change.

Tish B. participated in last year’s retreat. She says, “The experience felt like safe space, connected me with colleagues in a supportive way, and helped me to focus on leadership in these trying times.” Wayne P., another past participant, adds, “… a rich time for reflection, sharing, and experiencing God’s collective wisdom and love.”

The retreat facilitators are Sarah Hescheles and Rev. Nathan Kirkpatrick. The cost is $99. Participation is limited to the first 23 clergy to register. 

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

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