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Celebrating the life of Judy Craig

Bishop Sharon Z. Rader speaks at the Memorial Service for Bishop Judith Craig.

A Memorial Service for Bishop Judith Craig was held in Columbus, Ohio on February 2, 2019. Craig served The Michigan Area from 1984 through 1992.

The West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church offers this video of the Memorial Service held at Broad Street United Methodist Church in Columbus, Ohio on February 2, 2019. 

One paying tribute to Bishop Craig’s life and legacy was her colleague and friend, Bishop Sharon Zimmerman Rader. Rader reminded the congregation that 34 women have been elected bishop in The United Methodist Church since 1980. Judy Craig was the third, at the age of 47, to be “elected anywhere in the world.” Rader noted that the two women who came before — Bishop Marjorie Swank Matthews and Bishop Leontine T. Kelly — served only four years. Then the Church was willing to say, “I think we get it. We will take a bigger risk here with somebody who can last for 20 years or more,” Rader said. She called Judy Craig a person who wanted “everyone at the table.”

Bishop Judith Craig served The Michigan Area from her election in 1984 until she was appointed to the West Ohio Conference in 1992. Read more.

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