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Board of Ordained Ministry

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Chairperson - Barry Petrucci

Registrar for Full Members - Kathy Brown

Registrar for Associate Members - Sue Platt

Registrar for Provisional Members - Bri Desotell

Registrar for Local Pastors - Melody Olin 

Registrar for Specialized Ministry Certification - Edie Wiarda

Chair, Order of Elders - Cathi Huvaere

Chair, Order of Deacons - Sue Pethoud

Chair, Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members - Marv Herman

Ordination Asian American
2023 Michigan Conference Ordinands with Bishop Bard. ~ MIphoto/Jonathan Trites
2023 Michigan Conference Ordinands with Bishop Bard. ~ MIphoto/Jonathan Trites


The world is full of beauty, but also brokenness.  There is no shortage of need for the hope that Jesus Christ offers and asks us to share.  As our denomination continues to sort out how it will structure itself in the future, we continue to seek excellent candidates who have the courage to answer God’s call at such a time as this.  Our non-discrimination policy, approved in March 2019, is as follows:  

The Michigan Conference Board of Ordained Ministry evaluates all candidates for fitness, readiness, and effectiveness for ministry.  The Holy Spirit moves in the lives of all people, including LGBTQIA+ individuals, whether single or in a committed relationship. The Michigan Conference Board of Ordained Ministry will consider all persons who come before the Board of Ordained Ministry without regard to age, race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or practice, gender identity, economic circumstance, disability, or marital status, who demonstrate gifts and graces for vital ministry and may recommend those individuals for candidacy, licensing, commissioning and ordination.

Upcoming Events

  • Michigan Conference Candidacy Summit - July 19-20, 2024; online using Zoom meetings.
  • In-person Residency Training -
    Wednesday & Thursday,  September 4-5, 2024 at St. Francis Retreat Center; for Provisional Members.
    Contact Tania Dozeman: [email protected]
  • Michigan Conference Candidacy Summit - January 24 & 25, 2025; online using Zoom meetings.

Looking Ahead to future

Michigan School for License as a Local Pastor - 

Please click here for registration information on Local Pastor Licensing School. Registration deadline is July 1, 2024.

The purpose of the School for License as a Local Pastor is to foster the spiritual growth and skill development of persons called into ministry. Students share in collegial fellowship, worship, study and practical experience, which enable them to qualify for a License as a Local Pastor and service in a congregation. The school emphasizes practical preparation for ministry, and the development of attitudes that will lead to future growth by each participant. The focus will be on understanding the local congregation and leading the congregation – worship and preaching, sacraments, weddings, funerals, pastoral leadership, Christian education and formation, and pastoral care.

Last Updated on April 29, 2024

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