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A gift for Flint’s children

Bishop Deborah Lieder Kiesey will soon leave Michigan. The Area is invited to honor her with a gift to Flint’s children.

Senior Editor-Writer, Michigan Area

For months bottled water has been pouring into Flint to provide for the needs of those affected by the water emergency. And the Crossroads District is grateful for each and every ounce.

Government efforts continue toward the restoration of a safe water supply. But city, state and federal officials are not able to provide residents any target date by which they believe Flint water will be safe to drink again without using a filter.

So as churches consider how they might help, donations of bottled water are still needed. But those interested in a more lasting and life-changing contribution should consider a gift to the Flint Children’s Fund.

Bishop Deborah Lieder Kiesey will retire on September 1, 2016 and Michigan United Methodists want to say goodbye in a way that she values. Bishop Deb is especially concerned with the long-term impact of the lead poisoning on Flint’s children. She has requested that her ministry be honored by helping these most vulnerable children.

Children suffer day by day and that suffering will stretch into their growing up years due to the developmental impact of the contaminated water.

In this video Flint pastors and their neighbors talk about what it’s like to live without the most basic sustainer of life… clean water.

Gifts to the Flint Children’s Fund will be used to provide direct services to the children of Flint. The United Methodist churches of Flint and their partner organizations in the city will collaborate in these efforts focusing on:

  • Early Childhood Education Programs
  • Nutritional Programs
  • Children’s Community Ministries
  • Children’s and adult caregiver’s emotional resilience

Click here to give to this special offering.

At the Michigan Annual Conference in June the Area Episcopacy Committee gave Bishop Deb a Peace Pole on behalf of her Michigan flock. A gift in her honor to the Flint Children’s Fund will bring some peace and hope into the lives of the littlest lambs whom she loves.


Last Updated on July 26, 2016

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