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Area Men’s Summit April 30, 2016

Gil Hanke, national head of United Methodist Men, will be in West Branch, Michigan this spring.

He is a teacher, a story teller, an answer man. That’s Gil Hanke. He will be the keynote speaker as men from across the Michigan Area gather in West Branch on Saturday, April 30.

The Men’s Summit begins at 9:30 and adjourns at 3:30 pm.

Hanke will speak at 10 am and again at 1:15 pm. The DVD, Live to the Limit, featuring aircraft test pilot, Russell Quinn, will also be shown in the afternoon session.

A Potato Drop Service Project is part of the morning experience.

The church is located at 2490 West State Road in West Branch. Lunch is $10.

Find a flyer for promotion here.

Or call John at 248-459-6850 or Ed at 989-362-7120.o & CD Orders



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