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The Ministry of Rummage

Birmingham 1st UMC becomes a “mini United Nations” during their twice annual Rummage Sale.

Their Senior Pastor, Laurie Haller, reports that, “For sixty years Birmingham 1st has been sponsoring twice a year Rummage Sales that attract thousands of people from all over the Detroit Metro area and even adjoining states.”

In this week’s blog, “The Language of Jesus,” Haller describes how Christ is present in the 27 departments of the sale and in the hearts of the 700 volunteers who make it happen.

Laurie estimates that over 100,000 items are donated to the effort and concludes, “A Rummage Sale is a wonderful way to model for our children and youth what it means to have enough and to share what they have with other children whose families cannot afford to buy new clothes and toys. It’s also an opportunity to teach children who have money to recycle, upcycle and appreciate things that aren’t new.”

And those are only some of the benefits.

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Last Updated on December 8, 2023

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