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Wespath assures security of benefits

Wespath looks ahead

Andy Hendren, CEO of Wespath, the benefits and investment agency of The United Methodist Church, states, “Wespath is ready to support you through any changes.”

Wespath celebrates a generous life

Ted Halsted at Lake Louise

The Rev. Ted Halsted, a retired pastor from Michigan, was recently interviewed by Wespath as a man with generosity at the center of his life story.

Wespath does values-based investing

Wespath cares for creation

Wespath, the United Methodist Church’s pension agency, emphasizes getting the best returns for its stakeholders and supporting the denomination’s Social Principles.

Wespath releases investment report

Wespath invests in future

Wespath shares highlights of 2019-2020 in their Sustainable Investment Report. Wespath maintains the largest reporting faith-based pension fund in the world.

Benefits ministry shares holiday

Benefits Ministry Shares Holiday Announced

The Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits is providing financial relief to congregations through a six-month Benefits Ministry Shares Holiday starting April 1, 2020. Your questions answered here.

Wespath uses clout for climate change

Woman holding globe

Officials of Wespath, the agency that administers UM pension funds and benefits, are touting its efforts to be environmentally friendly. 

Wespath announces court ruling

Two-story house with five dollar bills background

On March 18, 2019 Wespath announced that the Appeals Court rules clergy housing allowances do not violate the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.

Pension staff looks forward

Wespath, the United Methodist pension agency, wants clergy and lay workers to know accrued benefits are safe, no matter what. 

Scholarships aim at seminary debt

Seminary studen, Deepak Holkar

Partners with the Lilly Endowment have created a financial aid program for future elders and deacons attending United Methodist seminaries. 

Body, mind and spirit

A Michigan Conference pastor shares her ongoing journey toward health and wholeness.