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Michigan pilgrims catch spirit of Wesley

Epworth Old Rectory

A group of United Methodists from Michigan traveled to England to learn more about their Wesleyan heritage and how it continues to shape beliefs and inspire future mission.

Road-trip through Michigan Methodist history, part 2

Map of Michigan

Take a trip through the Lower and Upper Peninsulas, visiting four places and learning about the people that have made them important to Michigan United Methodist history.

Road-trip through Michigan Methodist history, part 1

Map of Michigan

Take a virtual road trip through the Great Lakes State visiting key places that have shaped our United Methodist history and continue to form our faith.

Passing the cane, honoring the ministry

Two people are honored as the Holder of the Michigan Conference Cane.

Rev. Ted Halsted follows the death of Rev. Joy Arthur as the Holder of the Michigan Conference Cane, which honors the oldest clergy member of the conference and continues a… Continue Reading Passing the cane, honoring the ministry

GC2019 and Methodist History

Bust of John Wesley

The history of The United Methodist Church and its predecessor denominations offers some insights on what the future might hold.

UM sight-seeing

These U.S. sites can help United Methodists remember their heritage and celebrate today’s mission.

How to make disciples

The Oxford Holy Club is the scene of this 1st of 3 part series on making disciples the Wesley way.

Early voice for women’s rights

Meet Frances Willard, in her day “the most widely-known and loved Methodist woman since Susanna Wesley.”

Amazing Wesleyan Women

During Women’s History Month we lift up women who changed the course of the Methodist movement.

First black senator honored

Methodist clergyman, Hiram Revels, was  recently celebrated as the first African-American member of Congress.

The Michigan Conference