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Bishop Bard blesses Michigan campers

Families at beach at Lakeview Camp

Four sites will not open in 2019. Bishop David Bard pens a letter of encouragement and hope to those considering a summer-time experience at a United Methodist Campground in Michigan. 

Reflections of a family camper

People on the dunes at Lake Michigan

Her experience of Lake Michigan Camp began in the 1980s. Part of the Jackson First UMC Family group since 2007, she looks forward to another summer.

God is in the room

Child's hands on a Bible

The Rev. Benton Heisler looks back on his childhood relationship with Aunt Peggy. She nurtured in him a love of scripture and a desire to share God’s grace with others.

Advent outreach tools from UMCOM

Boy with Nigerian nativity set

Advent is six weeks away. It’s not too late to order resources to reach out to your congregation and community during this 2018 holiday season.

Three ways to say, ‘I love you’

Couples efforts to become “intimacy allies,”  goes way beyond a holiday that we celebrate once a year.

Meandering toward unity

United Methodists were among those who gathered in Detroit on Nov. 14 to stand up for love.

Looking for the best

This month’s Perspectives on Hope has counsel for pastors and churches involved in transition. 

Three stages of ministry

Rev. Dr. Chris Momany explores the value of ministry driven by vision and ministry driven by love.

‘Foot in both camps’

SAM HODGES United Methodist News Service The Rev. Omar Rikabi likes to write. A few weeks ago, he composed an essay, giving it the provocative title “My Muslim Problem.”

Pillow artist spreads peace

SAM HODGES United Methodist News Service Kingston Haynes, seven, and his family have in the last few months made and distributed more than 250 pillows in a line they call “Kingston’s Kreatures.”

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