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Emmert named interim CFO

Emmert named interim CFO

The Michigan Conference Council on Finance and Administration hires the Rev. Don Emmert as Interim CFO as they pause their search in collaboration with GCFA.

Virtual Michigan AC gets the job done

Mark Doyal managing the Virtual action

The 2020 Virtual Michigan Annual Conference took place on screens across the state on July 26-28. Bishop David Bard presided from a studio in Lansing. The essential mission was accomplished.

Ministry Shares commitment needed

Brad Bartelmay reports decline in Ministry Shares

On Monday, CFA Chair Brad Bartelmay reported on financial challenges, downward trends in payment of Ministry Shares, and the formation of a new task force with a focus on generosity.

Treasurer sought in Michigan Conference

Treasurer job open

David Dobbs, Michigan Conference Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services will leave his post and move to Arizona May 1. The position is now open. Apply before May 22.