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Addressing Conflict Overview

Bringing peace

Conflict happens.  Sometimes it’s arrival is seen, heard and felt.  Sometimes it disappears as quickly as it appears.  Sometimes one can’t imagine or remember a time without it. Sometimes the heaviness of a pretend peace seems like the only option…a shared normal that doesn’t feel good.

And…there are better ways to work through conflict to transform it for good.  The Michigan Conference is ready to help create the possibilities for true, God-given peace. 

Think of change as a sign of growth.  Systems, processes and players are healthiest when they are flexible, making the most of all the parts and players. The Michigan Conference is ready and able to prepare you for this work.


Approaches to Addressing Conflict

Family and Organizational Systems

When have you felt anxious as a leader? Or wished for or prayed for a less anxious life? When have you longed for healthier relationships with loved ones?

Family systems theory explains how people behave. It helps people understand the ways congregations function and new ways to become more cooperative, creative and productive.

Family or relationship systems thinking may be a life changing opportunity. A way to define who you are and choose healthy responses in our important relationships. 


Congregations, like all organizations have conflict.  Sometimes this conflict can limit a faith community from growing and discovering new mission and ministry.  With awareness and training, congregations can learn to navigate conflict in healthy and productive ways.


Coaching helps the one being coached achieve their personal A+. The direction is decided by the coachee’s own values and goals, whether professional or personal, empowering them to discover what’s best for themselves. Using trust, vulnerability, and powerful questions, coaching is the art of facilitating self-reflection with life-changing results.

How to get started

To request a service, please begin by filling out our Addressing Conflict Intake Form.

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Last Updated on October 23, 2023

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