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Exploring Ministry Toolbox

Candidacy Summit

For candidates exploring ministry, the first step is to attend a candidacy summit.  To prepare for that summit, there are a series of documents, including many that need to be completed in advance of attending. Please click on the links below for the desired forms.   

Candidate Packet

Cover letter from the Board of Ministry
Candidacy Summit Application
Background Check Authorization Form
Biographical Information Form - Form 102
Medical Report of Ministerial Candidate - Form 103
Candidates Disclosure Form - Form 114
River of Life Instructions
Candidacy Flow Chart for dCOMs
Candidacy Process Step by Step
Approved Seminaries, Course of Study and Licensing Schools
Commitment to Highest Ideals of the Christian Life
S/PRC form
Declaration of Candidacy - Form 104

Course of Study Online Learning Center 

The Course of Study (COS) is a theological education program prescribed by the United Methodist Book of Discipline and offered by the United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. At this Course of Study Online Learning Center, you can complete many of the Course of Study courses online. For a list of COS classes, click here.

Sarah Nadeau Alexander ordained at 2019 Conference
Newly ordained Deacon, Sarah Nadeau Alexander, is surrounded by mentors and conference leaders celebrating this milestone in her life and ministry. ~ mic photo/Jonathan Trites



The Michigan Conference