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Excited to be at Big Rapids Wesley House

Kim Bos, Big Rapids Wesley House

Kim Bos heard her first calls into ministry at the MSU Wesley Foundation. Now she helps students at FSU Wesley House explore what they believe.

Young Adult Initiatives, Michigan Conference

With the new academic year in full swing, that also means that the local Wesley Foundations are also well into their scheduled programming. This year, the Wesley Foundation at Ferris State University has welcomed their new director, Kim Bos.

Bos, originally from Muskegon, Michigan, has made her way to Big Rapids from Ocean Springs, Minnesota with her husband, William in tow. While she was in Ocean Springs, she spent her time at St. Paul United Methodist Church where she served as the director of Children and Family Ministries.

Before Bos began her vocational journey into ministry, she studied Social Relations and Public Policy at Michigan State University and Education at South Dakota State University. Following her undergraduate studies, Kim received her Master of Divinity with a specialization in Congregational Leadership from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.

While there are so many things to be excited for in this new position, there are a few things in particular that Kim is most looking forward to.


“I’m looking forward to building community, mentoring students, and taking risks.” ~ Kim Bos


“I’m looking forward to building community, mentoring students, and taking risks,” Bos said. “I am also looking forward to finding new ways for the church to interact with the world, as well as growing in faith together.”

Working with young adults is an adventure all in itself, and thankfully, Kim has experience with understanding the complexity that comes with directing and leading an organization that focuses on the growth and spiritual formation of young adults. During her time at Michigan State University, Kim was a part of the MSU Wesley Foundation. It was during this time that she gained an understanding of important factors that need to be present at FSU’s Wesley House.

“I want Ferris State University Wesley to be a safe place where students from all walks can come, feel accepted for who they are, have space to explore what they believe, and become the people God is calling them to be,” Bos said. “My time as a student at Michigan State University’s Wesley Foundation was so formative in both hearing my first calls into ministry and having my eyes opened to injustice in the world.”

Wil and Kim Bos move to Big Rapids
William and Kim Bos announce their new adventure in Michigan. Maybelle is also excited about the move to FSU. ~ photo courtesy Kim Bos

Maintaining that FSU Wesley House is open to all students without discrimination is something that is important to Kim. Bos, as well as the students who are a part of Wesley, are committed to keeping the space open to all students regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

“We’re going to keep FSU Wesley House open to all by not just accepting our students, but celebrating them for the amazing and diverse group they are and also by choosing to partner with other organizations on campus that are committed to inclusion and justice,” Bos said.

One thing that is unique to Ferris State University is their specific demographic of students, which is something that has been in the forefront of Kim’s planning as new director.

“Not all campus ministries, or churches, are called to do the same ministries in the same way. Here at FSU, we have a large proportion of commuter students, students pursuing vocational degrees and certifications, and from rural backgrounds,” Bos said. “I am excited to find ways to do ministry with these demographics, to discover our communal voice and to hear what my students are most about, to do the ministry that lives into FSU Wesley’s strengths, gifts, and passions.”


“College students are at this wonderful time of discovery and self-determination, which doesn’t always feel wonderful.” ~ Kim Bos 


Being a part of Wesley Campus Communities always provides great opportunities to explore your vocational call, which is important for young adults. On top of the opportunity to explore their vocational call, Kim also hopes that FSU Wesley House could be the place that young adults can find a sturdy, comforting place with their relationships with Christ and the Church.

“College students are at this wonderful time of discovery and self-determination, which doesn’t always feel wonderful,” Bos said. “Through Wesley programs and events, I hope to give the FSU Wesley House students the chance to work within and in partnership with the local church so that as they graduate and begin their careers, their identity of beloved children of God and relationship with Christ is part of who they know themselves to be, and they have a strong faith community and ample mentors who will walk alongside them.”

Kim has been in full swing in her position as director of Ferris State University’s Wesley House since July 1, and is excited for her time with students, with the local ministries, as well as with the campus.

For more information about the Ferris State University Wesley House, visit www.fsuwesleyhouse.org, or email Kim at [email protected].

Last Updated on October 31, 2023

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